Many franchised lawyers charge an hourly fee with a quoter, which is a lump sum paid in advance for a service. The retainer is based on an estimate of the duration of your case. Services exceeding the conditions agreed by the retainer are covered by hourly fees. You did it. You have made the decision to buy a franchise. You`ve finished your research, compared your options, and landed on the perfect franchise brand for you. It`s an exciting time and you`re ready to get started! But before you sign on the polka dot line, it`s essential that you advise a lawyer – so you know what you`re okay with and what to expect. Finally, buying a franchise is not a minor investment. The franchisor will provide you with hundreds of pages that you can verify in the form of a franchise document disclosure (FDD). This FDD is a necessary disclosure that contains 23 key elements about franchising, including the context of the franchise, the fees and royalties needed for franchising, information about the company`s executives, and more. Franchise documents define all the conditions of the franchise, including: that a franchisee is ready to comply with its conditions, it is essential to have them verified by a franchised lawyer. He or she will make sure that you understand the terms of the agreement so that you can decide whether or not they meet your needs and goals.

This program includes a very thorough and detailed analysis of your proposed franchise or dealer agreement and the FDD. This program is much broader than the fundamental review above. It also includes the identification of specific statutes or laws important in your country that could support the proposed franchise agreement or franchise. Even an isolated word or term in one of these agreements has the real potential to determine the success or failure of your business. This program is the most advantageous for those who are pretty sure to continue their franchise or dealer purchase, but don`t want a lawyer to try to negotiate different or additional points in their franchise agreements. Your lawyer will not only be able to help verify and negotiate your FDD and franchise agreement, but also act as your sounding fund and advisor. Becoming a franchisee is a big decision, and there`s no harm in having an extra kit to see what you couldn`t see….