Manitoba Rental Agreement Renewal

The signed renewal contract must be returned to the landlord by the tenant at least two months before the end of the contract. Otherwise, the lease ends on the date the existing lease is destroyed. If a tenant does not return an extension, a landlord can confirm whether the tenant intends to move. This can help the landlord avoid two tenants for a unit. Landlords who wish to increase the rent by more than the maximum must first obtain permission from the housing company. The owner must request permission in writing. They must apply within 14 days of notification of the rent increase. Tenants can consult and comment on the landlord`s request to increase the rent and landlords can consult and comment on all information provided by tenants. The housing company will then decide how much the rent can increase. This decision applies to all rental units in the block or complex.

Example: a short lease from October 1 to September 30. The landlord offers the tenant an extension on June 20. The tenant does not return the contract until the end of July and does not move on September 30. On October 1, the tenant pays his rent and the landlord accepts the payment. With the acceptance of the rent, the landlord establishes a new monthly-month rental contract. Cautions o An owner can withdraw a security deposit; A landlord who allows a tenant to have a pet can also collect a deposit for damage to pets. o A deposit may not exceed half the monthly rent. o In the case of rental units in assisted housing, the deposit cannot exceed half the rent to be paid before the reduction due to the subsidy. o The landlord has the right to maintain the deposit for the duration of the lease. o The tenant is entitled to interest on the deposit from the date the deposit is ordered until the repayment or refund date. o The deposit can only be used with the landlord`s consent for last month`s rent. The responsibilities of landlords o provide a written receipt if the rent is paid in cash (direct debit or pre-authorized transfer are considered cash payments); o keep the look of the rental unit in good condition, given the length of the lease; o Make repairs and keep the appliance in good condition; o payment of electricity bills for essential services included in the rental (e.g.

heat. B, gas, electricity, hot water and cold water) so that service is not interrupted in case of non-payment; o do not affect the delivery of essential services; o allow a tenant to take advantage of the use of the rental unit and residence for residential purposes; o investigate complaints of security disturbances or risks as quickly as possible and try to resolve the issue; o provide and maintain enough doors and locks to make a rental unit reasonably safe. Tenants` liability for paying rent on time o Keep the rental unit and residential complex clean; o exercise caution not to damage the rental unit and residential complex; o do not disturb others in the residential complex or in the neighbouring land; o do not compromise the safety of others in the building; o ensure that guests invited to rent or live do not cause harm or disturb or endanger the safety of others; o follow the appropriate rules and regulations of the owner; o inform the owner of the necessary repairs.