Learning Agreement Hhu

Erasmus students have to submit a Learning Agreement by e-mail to Sonia Lopez. Deadline: 31. July (winter term or full academic year) or 31. January (summer term). Students can choose courses from the following departments (please see the restrictions in some departments): . Erasmus allows European students to gain international experience in other countries and to continue their language, cultural and professional training. These experiences are designed to increase their chances of being culturally trained, qualified and internationally experienced academics in the labour market. For such a stay abroad, one or two semesters must be planned. The ERASMUS programme provides a mobility grant. IMPORTANT: Please don`t write famulatures in the Learning Agreement, as you can only organize yourself in Dusseldorf. Once you have a commitment from the clinic or clinics you want, we can complete the famulatur in the Learning Agreement! First, read the “Instructions for Course Choice” document, then fill out the Excel table “ECTS Points and Wishes of Subjects.” Those studying at the Dusseldorf Conservatory and who wish to take one or two semesters abroad at a partner university in Europe can benefit from support through the ERASMUS programme. Erasmus is part of the European Union`s “Lifelong Learning” (LLP) education programme.

The Robert Schumann Hochschule (RSH) maintains cooperations with more than 40 higher education institutions around the world. University students have the opportunity to use these contacts for their plans abroad. While the PROMOS programme encourages stays around the world, the ERASMUS (political declaration) programme supports European activities. ERASMUS students are prepared for their stay abroad by the International Office and taken care of by the university in the host country. Under the ERASMUS program, the credits to be provided in the host country are recorded in a learning agreement and recognized by the RSH with the Transcript of Records of the host university. Miriam Ellmann-OrlinskiDirectorFoncé: `49.211.49 18 126Fax: `49.211.49 18 190 Guide to the choice of the Course Semester of Winter (Situation: 14.04.2020) ECTS points and material applications Winter semesters (situation at 14.04.2020) The apprenticeship agreement is an integral part of the Erasmus programme. This document lists the desired courses (courses, courses and seminars) before the Erasmus stay. It will only be valid once it has been signed by the two universities and the Erasmus student or the Erasmus student.