20. Cigarettes are NOT allowed in the caravan, but ashtrays are only intended outdoors. The first thing you want to check if you want to rent your static caravan is to check your holiday park deal to see if you can do it. Some sites allow you to rent to friends or family, but not for a profit, make sure you are able to commercially rent your static caravans. If you buy an apartment from one of the ones mentioned above, you can terminate the sales contract if the owner of the site gives you an agreement on the website: With prices starting at 49 USD per year, make your entry here: www.rentmycaravan.com The rental income of your mobile home can be a good way to earn some extra money and the majority of holidaymakers will take care of your mobile home. They must also check for age restrictions for caravans before they are rented to the public. Some holiday parks have no restrictions, while others may stipulate that mobile homes can only be rented until the caravan is up to 9 years old. Obviously, this can have an impact on the amount of rental income you expect, especially if the site also has a policy of allowing you to keep your home static for up to 15 years. There will be a 6-year “lack” where you cannot rent your caravan, at this point you buy a new mobile home and restart, or stop renting for the rest of the time on the agreement. This will depend very heavily on your reasons why you want to rent your static caravan. Start with many photos – which honestly represent the facilities and location of your static home. Also, be sure to take an itinerary of everything that is included. When people are looking for caravans and apartments they can rent, they want to know as much detail as possible.

This will prevent them from asking unpleasant questions later! 24. No strollers/buggies are left open, and used in caravans, as is known, to damage doors and faucets. You must also submit self-assessment returns to HM Revenue and Customs for every money you make from your static caravan rental in a tax year. However, you may be entitled to tax breaks and exemptions from the applicable tax, so be sure to discuss your case with a financial advisor. 15. The tenant must allow caravan owners, holiday park owners and their employees/agents to access the holiday caravan. Please do not book for the youth parties, as they are denied access to the caravan, which can be annoying for everyone. If you don`t have a static caravan yet and want to buy one as an investment, start with local research on the price to pay for rental – the competitive prices of static caravans are heavily influenced by the season and location. Also consider the size of the caravan you want to buy — a larger one will attract more business, especially for families in high season, but increases maintenance costs. Before handing over the keys to a holidaymaker, always make sure you have billed the full amount of rental income into your bank account first. Don`t forget the checks are popping! The rental income you can earn will be much lower if you, friends or family, want to use the static caravan during peak hours such as school holidays, halftime and Easter. However, of course, you save a lot of money for your own vacation if you enjoy them in your holiday cottage, instead of having to rent one at premium rates every time.

Called “Airbnb” for Caravaner, Camplify is a new platform that allows you to rent your caravan, campervan, campervan or caravan directly to holidaymakers.