(d) ensure that cooperation with the private entity does not create a conflict of interest (see Section 2.19). (1) Does the agreement (because of its size or fact) appear to be an attempt to influence the regulator or other authorities or services? 2.14 What is the impact of the economic law (31 U.C p. 1535) on the funds we receive through a return agreement? Economic law: (2) Are the terms of the agreement compatible with department and service policy, objectives and programmes? Any party may propose amendments to this agreement. This agreement is required when the service contractor signs it. Applications for an extension of the benefit period are forwarded to the contract agent 60 days before the last day of the benefit period. At the expiry of the contract, the contract agent will not make renewal applications. The other amendments must be forwarded to the contract agent no later than 30 days before the required execution. (1) acquisition and federal assistance, i.e. contracts, grants and cooperation agreements (see Part 301 and Part 515,517 of the Service Manual); 2.19 What factors should the service take into account when transferring a repayable agreement with a private entity? The following factors describe what we need to keep in mind when deciding to enter into a return agreement with a private organization. The existence or absence of each factor does not require a decision, but shows what we need to keep in mind when assessing the circumstances. (d) If the service does not obtain a signed agreement within the 90-day period and the payment is not made within an additional 90 days, all unpaid expenses and indirect costs incurred are billed to the appropriate service office. B. Make sure the other agency is aware of the period of service for the availability of financial resources at the beginning of the agreement.

(3) Once both parties have signed the contract and we receive a down payment, the relevant service office may begin to perform refundable work. (b) The service may leave organizations 90 calendar days to enter into agreements. At the end of this 90-day period, the Financial Management Division and Denver Operations must withdraw from FBMS all projects that are not supported by a signed agreement. If the service office intends to continue its work, there must be a direct source of legally available funding that can be billed. c) May ask a contract agent to verify the content of the agreement before section 2.5 officials approve the document.